Welcome to! This is the place where you can publish your any information you ar comfortable sharing about projects you have worked on.

What is a project?

Basically, both the stuff you would put on your resume, and that projects you work on that need just a little more detail written about them.

We take that project write up and compare it with a variety of job descriptions. Your project profile page is a visualized summary of your writeup.

You can use that visualization to show off all the many hats you wear for any project that you have accomplished!

No matter whether you do monster projects, or indeed only little projects. All of these projects can build your career, if you can demonstrate your own proficiency and how your project relates to a job description. All of your projects are linked in your own career path. So, roll the dice, create a profile, and show the world what you can do.

Consolidate links here of every project you have done. Create a little writeup describing what you did, and this system will compare your work with a set of job descriptions to show how many different hats you have worn during your project.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Write your story, we will create the images that relate your story, then you share your story.

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