Job Descriptions Suck!

While the job seeker is encouraged to limit their resume to a single page, many job descriptions I have seen are no more than a single paragraph.

Here is a job description I received recently:

"8+ Years Strong Experience in SQL Server Databases
Exposure/Experience on Oracle, Sybase, DB2, etc will be an added advantage
Experience in carrying out Database Assessments to identify opportunities for consolidation, retire/replace strategies, archival, etc.
Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills
Experience on Retail Banking will be an added advantage
Go-Getter attitude is mandatory "

52 words.

Removing the stop words using tidytext from R there remains

36 words

Of these 36 words "added, advantage, and experience" are all used more than once. Database, and Databases should probably be counted as redundnat as well. This leaves us with:

31 words

Using some natural language processing parts of speech taggers we can break down these words even further:

1 cardinal number

5 adjectives

12 singular nouns

5 plural nouns

1 participle

7 verbs

Only counting nouns and verbs that gives us 22 words.

42% of this job description is what could be described as useful.

Does this describe work you could do? Maybe. pubProjX has set out to change the process of getting noticed.

By taking carefully worded and collected job descriptions that more fully reflect all of the responsibilities of a given job, we have a robust job description and categorization database that is constantly being refined. We match your writeup against this database using text mining, and natural language processing. Then render a number of visuals for you to show off how your project works matches archetypical job descriptions.

This is not a job board, but you can show off your profiles to a job board. The job descriptions in our database will be generic, but specific enough to differentiate one role from another. They are larger than 52 words.

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