You want a profile?

Click the buy now below, then send me a write up describing your project history. Once I get the write up I will create your profile, and you are free to use it to sell yourself.

An example write up would look like this:

"website side project":"I administer the website of our local library. This requires helping users, adding and removing users, as well as troubleshooting the server infrastructure."

Have you done many projects that are similar?

Write up in general what you do for a given project, then add anectdotes from memorable projects.

If your project writeup is smaller than what you would put on a resume describing what you did during your time at an employer, then you are doing it WRONG

An example csv file that would be needed to create a profile on can be found here: Writeup Template

Email that and your profile picture to me

These project writeups are not read by any people, they are processed with a text mining algorithm to find similarity beteween your project writeup and the job descriptions in our database. Feel free to write as much or as little as you want. More is better, but even a little is better than nothing.

This should be easier!

I agree, but right now in April 2017 this is would be considered a pre-launch alpha release. If you have found us, and want to create a profile, please follow the instructions above and I will knock out a profile for you. Show off your profile page to as many people as you want, but please ONLY tell 1 other person right now. This is a test for a small group of users to see how well it will perform and to determine interest or usefullness. I will run this test until July 4th 2017.

If there is enough interest and revenue, I will automate the process through some sort of file parser or upload process.

If you want to help, please contact me directly, and let me know your ideas.

Why should I pay for this?


Here are places where you can do free profiles, and do job searches for yourself:

LinkedIN Monster Indeed Dice gitub

The way pubProjX is different is we provide a visual representation of your own project writeups.

You can use this as part of a self-selling event, when speaking to a recruiter or hiring manager.

We do not have time frames on our images. This is done purposely. Most people do project work whether they are "working" or not. Write up what you have done. Let's see what jobs you actually match whether you were "working" or not.

Your individual page will also be SEO optimized to have your name and the job descriptions you match in the meta tags of your individual profile page.

Things are going to change, what do I get for paying now?

The group of users who pay now for this will be on the permanent enhancement first list.

Future work: